Meet the Teachers

Our instructors have experience teaching French as a second language to students of all ages, and have completed advanced degrees in French language and literature studies. They bring native speaking capabilities to the classroom and have been fully immersed in the language while studying and working abroad in France.

Danica Guerrero Teacher

Danica Guerrero earned her MA in French from the University of North Texas in 2020. She holds a BA in European Studies/French from Seattle Pacific University, where she gained language experience during a semester at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has taught high school French for several years, in addition to working in an immersion preschool and other language schools for adults and military students. She also had the privilege to work as an English teaching assistant in two high schools in Annecy, France. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband and daughter, and she teaches remotely with AFSA. 

Gwen Sessions Teacher
Gwen Sessions was born in France, and she is very attached to both her native region of Brittany and her Celtic identity. A professional opportunity and a taste for adventure brought Gwen to San Antonio several years ago. She believes that through her work as a French teacher, she has become a sort of ambassador for her country. When she is not teaching, Gwen is learning – most recently having finished her Masters degree in French Language from the University of North Texas.
Raphaël Choury Teacher
Raphaël Choury was born and raised bilingual (German and French) in Koblenz, Germany. He graduated with a Master’s degree in French and English from the University of Mainz, where he started his teaching career in a school for continued education. Since moving to Texas in 2009 he has been teaching French at the High School level, as well as adult classes in French, German and English as a second language. In his free time Raphaël enjoys reading French, German and American literature, running and spending time outdoors with his wife and two sons.
Jonathan Riojas Teacher

Jonathan Riojas is currently studying to pursue an M.A. in Medieval Literature abroad. He holds a B.A. in Modern Languages with a concentration in French from UTSA, where he gained language experience through interning as a teacher and studying abroad in Annecy, France.  John currently lives in Boerne with his four cats. Out of the classroom, he enjoys reading French and English literature, writing, and cooking for his family. Two of his favorite medieval authors include Christine de Pizan and Julian of Norwich.

Khadija Neiner Teacher

Khadija Neiner was born in Morocco but moved to Italy where she began her career as a French teacher. She is a polyglot, speaking French, English, Arabic, Italian, and Moroccan. Throughout her life she was fortunate to have traveled and lived on three different continents which gave her incredible life experiences. She obtained a baccalaureate degree in Rabat Morocco. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in modern language with a French focus from UTSA. During Khadija’s time at UTSA, she worked as an assistant French professor for two years. She now works at SEFLA, a language school, teaching Arabic and French. She enjoys teaching her military students as her husband and daughter are both in the U.S. Army. When Khadija is not teaching, she enjoys spending her free time cooking for her family, reading books, and painting.

Jen Johnson Teacher

Jen Johnson is currently the French teacher at O’Connor High School.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in French and German from the University of North Texas, and a Master’s in Education from Texas State University.  Her hometown is New Braunfels, TX but she has worked abroad in Europe and Japan as a teacher. Jen is an Aquarian, and her favorite color is green! She enjoys cooking, wine-tasting, and travel, and loves spending time with her four kids and her two dogs. She is also an entrepreneur and co-owns three toy stores throughout the hill country.

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