Board Member Opportunity

Board Member Opportunity

Date Published: 27 Apr '21

The Alliance Française de San Antonio is growing and developing very rapidly thanks to the multiple contributions of board members.  It is creating a vibrant community of Francophones and Francophiles through classes, cultural events, dinners etc.  As the growth continues, the organization will eventually need to hire an Executive Director.  In the meantime, it is being run thanks to the generous commitment of time, talent, and treasure of the board of directors.  The board is seeking additional talented individuals to join the project.

Duties & Responsibilities of Board Members

*Be committed to the success of the organization.  Be generous with your time, talent, and treasure.

*Be an advocate for the Alliance.  Spread the word about the organization and invite anyone who has an interest in the French language and culture to become a member.

*Be an active connector, using personal and professional positions to the advantage of the Alliance.  Encourage others to support the organization.  Invite qualified candidates to consider serving as a director or committee member.

*Take an active part in board meetings.  Get involved in the planning and execution of events.  Show leadership and initiative in moving the mission forward.

*When the organization can hire an Executive Director, assist in the recruiting and evaluation of candidates.  Provide oversight and direction to the person hired.

If you are interested in forming part of the board, please send a message to Charles Matt with a copy of your resume to for consideration.

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